Special thanks

There were many expressions of kindness and thoughtfulness throughout this ordeal, and we could not begin to thank every person who said something kind to us or helped us through the difficult days following Mike’s death. But we do wish to recognize a few people for their special effort and kindness shown to us and to thank them for all they did.

Jane Dukes
Jane Weaver-Sobel
Jeannie Hodges
Libby Penn
Bill & Cheryl Adams
Cathy & Chip Ridley
Pat Blascovich
Oby Brown
Jodi Palmer
The Watts family
Steve & Linda Smith
Monsignor Cuddy
Pam Snipes
Central High School faculty
The Macon Telegraph staff
The staff at Hart’s Mortuary
Also, Ed & Margaret Hicklin, Joan & Ron Cross, Mike & Nancy Roach, Mary Campbell, Kate Gerst, Greg & Martha Remley, Betsy Barber, Dan Malloy, Jim Malloy and Jennifer Bono — family members and friends from Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Nevada who spent so much time and/or money, on such short notice, to come to Georgia for the visitation and services.

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