Tributes to Mike

Many tributes and ceremonies have been held in the wake of Mike’s death. Here are some of them.

October 2004 – Again this October, like last October, following the performance of the annual “Swamp Gravy” play in south Georgia, members of the audience were asked to participate in a solemn honoring the life and memory of Mike. This has been arranged by the mother of a family friend.

July 2, 2004 – A photo of Spencer Maxwell and his plaque appears on the Neighbors page of The Macon Telegraph.

June 19-20, 2004 – Spencer Maxwell and his family enjoy their weekend in Atlanta, first touring Turner Field, then watching the Atlanta Braves defeat the Cleveland Indians. They stayed the night in a hotel and spent the next day at Six Flags over Georgia. Rick Maxwell reported it was a wonderful weekend and all arrangements worked out perfectly.

June 10, 2004 – The first Mike Weaver Award is presented during a ceremony attended by a large crowd at the Major League field of Vine Ingle Little League. Spencer Maxwell, the son of Rick and Pamela Maxwell, is the recipient. Participating in the ceremony were Bill and Erin Weaver, Bill and Stephen Adams, Spencer and the other seven nominees. Following the ceremony, photos were taken and the Maxwells received instructions on how to arrange their weekend in Atlanta.

June 8, 2004 – The 18th Annual Gaudet All-Star Baseball Camp was held today at Luther Williams Field, and this year’s camp was dedicated to the memory of Mike. A ceremony before the morning session included the introduction of Bill and Erin Weaver, the presentation of a cap and shirts — emblazoned with the Vine Ingle “V” — and then Erin said a few words of thanks to the crowd. Bill threw out one of two ceremonial first pitches. This wonderful free camp, which is attended by hundreds of young baseball and softball players from Macon and Middle Georgia, is organized by Jim and Jami Gaudet of Macon. This year, the Gaudets also honored children from families at Robins Air Force Base, Macon Police officers, Bibb County Sheriff’s officers and other public safety officials. For the late-morning session, Erin returned to the field for another ceremony and again was introduced. Cox Communications had donated $500 to the camp for use any way the Gaudets wanted, and they in turn donated the money in Mike’s name to an organization that supports the families of airmen at Robins Air Force Base.

May 11, 2004 – During its annual end of year meeting, the Central High School Key Club makes a donation of $1,000 in Mike’s name to the Georgia Children’s Home. The program included a wonderful photo of Mike, with these words: “Some of the goals of Key Club are to show compassion to others and to reach out to the needy. Central’s Key Club is making a donation to the Georgia Children’s Home in honor of Mike Weaver. Everyone who met Mike knew he was a caring, compassionate person. In Mike’s twenty years he was the perfect All American boy. He was smart, athletic, attractive, funny and loving. His ever-present smile could light up a room. Mike loved people and enjoyed his time in Key Club. He spent afternoons talking to Alzheimer’s patients, tutoring children, and helping those in need. In Mike’s twenty years he touched the lives of everyone he met. Mike was fortunate to have been born to Bill and Erin Weaver and to have Molly and Dan for siblings. He was loved and supported and had a wonderful life filled with joy. It is our hope that this donation to the Georgia Children’s Home will touch the lives of less fortunate boys and girls and that Mike’s spirit will continue to change lives.”

April 2004 – A Bradford pear tree purchased in Mike’s memory by the Senior International Baccalaureate students at Central High School is planted in the yard of the Weaver family.

April 2004 – A gift to the Ronald McDonald House of Central Georgia was made in Mike’s memory by Suzanne, Anna Katherine and Rhett Moody.

April 2004 – A brick in remembrance of Mike was placed by his aunt and uncle, Kim and Dan Malloy, in the courtyard at Dowling High School in West Des Moines, Iowa.

March 27, 2004 – Opening day of the baseball season at Vine Ingle Little League. The umpires at Vine Ingle this season will wear a green hat, with gold V and stars — just like the hat Mike’s wearing in the photo of him at the top of this Web site — in tribute to Mike and his service as a player and umpire in the league. During the opening game, the announcement of the Mike Weaver Award is made. A 12-year-old player will be selected at the end of the season to receive this award, which will include a weekend of baseball and fun in Atlanta. The award, to become an annual tribute paid for with the contributions of more than 100 people to the memorial fund, is designed to create a lasting memory for a player — a memory created in tribute to Mike, who had so many good memories of his days at Vine Ingle. The first award is scheduled to be presented Monday, June 7.

February 2004 – The VIP stamp used at the Lord Lindsay’s nightclub in Knoxville, TN, is the V symbol from Mike’s baseball cap. The stamp was inspired by Jed Eaton.

February 22, 2004 – The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered for the repose of the soul of Mike at All Saints Catholic Church in Dunwoody with the sympathy of Greg and Jeanne Brass.

January 31, 2004 – Mike was among those who were listed during the remembrances as a part of the marriage ceremony for Angela Antilia and Charles Ridley IV in Alexandria, Virginia.

January 2004 – A computer chip, designed by electrical engineer Jed Eaton, is manufactured with the star-V-star symbol implanted in a corner of the chip as a tribute to the memory of Mike. The chip is used in a device, still under development, aimed at providing rapid diagnostics for a variety of medical tests.

January 29, 2004 – The Houston-Middle Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross notifies the Weaver family that a donation in Mike’s name was received from the Roberta Barr family in Warner Robins. The donation will be used for ongoing Red Cross programs. A letter from Lucille Benningfield, financial director, said: “We are truly grateful to your friends for their concern and thoughtfulness. May you find comfort in knowing that we care!”

December 2003 – A graduate participating in the commencement exercises at Georgia College and State University has the star-V-star design affixed on top of her mortar board for all the audience to see. The graduate is Molly Weaver.

December 2003 – Flowers were placed at the altar of a church in Illinois in memory of Mike, compliments of Mike and Nancy Roach.

December 2003 – Discussions begin with Vine Ingle Little League to establish a memorial in Mike’s honor at the baseball program where Mike played and worked as an umpire for many years. Money donated to the Vine Ingle memorial fund will be used for this award.

November 2003 – A cherry tree purchased in Mike’s memory by the family of a child who had joined the Weavers on a trip to Pawleys Island is planted in the yard of a family member in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some of Mike’s ashes are scattered in with the roots of the tree.

October 2003 – Following the performance of the annual “Swamp Gravy” play in south Georgia, members of the audience are asked to participate in a solemn ceremony honoring the life and memory of Mike.

October 2003 – Books were donated to libraries in Iowa and Georgia in memory of Mike, gifts from the Central High School PTSA, Larry and JoAnn and Mark Caldwell and faculty members at Lakeview Elementary School in Centerville, Ia.

September 2003 – A group of people in Des Moines, Iowa, wishing to send their condolences to Mike’s uncle, Dan, make a contribution in Mike’s name to Habitat for Humanity, an organization in which Dan is very active.

September 2003 – Perpetual membership in the Marianist Spiritual Aliiance was conferred on Mike. Members share forever in the masses, prayers and good works of the Mrianists. This was requested by the W.F. Dixon family of Blue Springs, Mo. Also, they contributed a memorial gift in Mike’s name to the St. Joseph’s Indian School and Missions in Chamberlain, S.D.

September 2003 – Some of Mike’s ashes are scattered in the Mississippi River, at a place in Iowa where he always liked to go fishing. Also, during a short ceremony following the wedding of Mike’s uncle, some of Mike’s ashes also are scattered in the yard of his maternal grandmother, who was unable to attend his funeral.

September 2003 – A ginko tree purchased in Mike’s memory by Pam Wacter and Pam Snipes of Central High School is planted by his brother and sister in the yard of the Weaver family. Some of Mike’s ashes are scattered in with the roots of the tree.

September 5, 2003 – Mike is remembered during the evening service at Temple Beth El in Charlotte, N.C., at the request of his Aunt Jane.

September 2003 – A requiem mass was offered at St. Stephen’s Church in Athens for the repose of the soul of Mike by Mark Haverland at the request of LeAnn Dickey

August 2003 – An article by Macon resident Jami Gaudet appears in the Atlanta Jewish Times.

August 2003 – The Central High School football team, at the suggestion of Head Coach Anthony Hines, announces that Mike’s old football jersey number, No. 90, will be worn on the back of the team’s helmets.

August 2003 – Staff members at Central High School collect money to buy an airplane ticket so Mike’s mother can fly home to visit her mother, who was unable to attend Mike’s funeral.

August 2003 – Mike has been enrolled in the Capuchin Mission Association and will share forever in the daily masses, prayers and meritorious works of the Capuchin Franciscan Friars throughout the world, courtesy of Terry & Debbi Mermann.

August 2003 – A gift was made to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in the memory of Mike Weaver by W. C. Wyatt.

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